Retractable Heavy Duty Steel Spikes Tyre Killer

– Electromechanical
– Max 80T Container Truck
– A3 Steel Anti-Rust Paint
– IP67 Waterproof
– Paint With Reflective Strip


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Product Introduction

The tire killer is a broken tires type road blocker that is driven by a hydraulic power unit, remotely controlled or remotely controlled. The thorns of the roadblocks are sharper. After the tires are rolled, the tires will be pierced within 0.5 seconds and the gas in the tires will be vented through the vent holes, which will make the vehicles unable to move forward. Therefore, it is a necessary anti-terrorism roadblock for some key security places. This roadblock is normally closed during operation, that is, it is in a raised state during security operations, preventing any vehicles from passing. When the releasable vehicle is to pass, the road can be safely passed through the manual control of the security personnel.
Our tire-breakers are made of one-piece stainless steel spurs that have a stronger hardness and sharpness than steel slashes that are cut with steel. Because only the hardness of the road to the standard, the sharpness will be good when the shape is sharp. Only the integrated steel casting of the road thorns is fully equipped with such conditions. The roadblock is equipped with an integrated sealing oil pump and cylinder. The waterproof level is IP68, which can work normally under water for a long time. The whole frame is treated by hot-dip galvanizing to ensure anti-corrosion for more than 10 years. The tire killer is widely used in government departments, public security departments, customs, school, station, airports and other important places. So far, our products have been selling to Europe, USA, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and other countries/regions. And won the praise of customers.
Price Quote Negotiable
Minimum Order 1 Pieces
Average Delivery Time 1 piece within 5 days
Payment Method L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,Money Gram payments for offline orders.
Package Details L3000 *W500 *H120
Ability to Supply 500 Piece/Pieces per Month

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