Spike Hydraulic Road Blocker

– Max 120T Container Truck
– Hydraulic System
– A3 Steel Anti-Rust Paint
– Buffer Function 0.2-0.5s Buffer Time
– Bollards Can Be Manually Lowered When Power Outage


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Product Introduction

The road blocker uses hydraulic drive units, which move quickly (3~6s adjustable), and the noise is very low, which has no effect on humans. Our roadblock adopts a control unit based on a multi-function logic controller and sets various function modes to meet the different functional requirements of each user. And the user can freely control the lifting height of the cover according to actual needs, and effectively save energy at this point. If you encounter an emergency such as a power outage, you don’t have to worry about it. You can release the vehicle by manually moving the down function to open the channel. At the same time, we installed the current detection sensor and the electromagnetic sensor internally, thus realizing the over-current protection of the power unit and the effective limit of the cylinder action, making the operation of the machine stable and reliable. Because it is a hydraulic transmission integrated mode, it is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, low-consumption, almost no failure, long machine life, and reduced maintenance costs. In addition, we have adopted a non-traditional steering mechanism design, making installation and maintenance very easy and quick, even if it is faulty.

Key features of hydraulic road blocker

1. The structure is sturdy and durable, with large load-carrying capacity, stable operation and low noise.
2. Adopt PLC control, the system running performance is stable and reliable, easy to integrate.
3. The roadblock machine and other pieces of equipment such as road gates can be linked and controlled, and can also be combined with other control equipment to realize automatic control.
4. In case of power failure or failure, if the roadblock is in a rising state and needs to be lowered, you can pass the hand.
Move the raised barrier cover back to the horizontal position for the vehicle to pass.
5. Adopting international leading low-pressure hydraulic drive technology, the whole system is safe, reliable, and stable.
6. Remote control device: Through wireless remote control, it can be raised within 30 meters around the controller (according to the radio communication environment on-site).
Model: SE-N6010 Control system: electric hydraulic control
Voltage: 380V(control voltage:240V) System power: 3.7KW/5.5KW
Passing pressure: 80T container truck Rising time: 1~6s(adjustable)
Dropping time: 1~6s(adjustable) Communication: RS485≤1200M(access control system)
Rising height: 350-800mm Working temperature: -20℃-75℃

Product Application

Hydraulic road blocker can be used in conjunction with a rising bollard,  and access control attendance systems to form a complete cross-management system. (Increased according to user requirements) Mainly used for vehicle passage control in customs, border inspection, logistics, port terminals, prisons, treasury, nuclear power plants, military bases, government key departments, airports, and other special places; effectively prevent vehicles from forcibly punching cards, Through the restrictions on passing vehicles, the traffic order, that is, the safety of major facilities and places is effectively guaranteed.

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