Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection System

– Professional Own R&D HD Line Scan Camera System
– 170° Wide Angle Scanning For The Chassis
– Fast Imaging Can Storable And Retrospective
– Up to 80km/h Built-in Speed Measurement Function
– Support ANPR Function ≥99% Capture & Recognition Rate


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Product Introduction

SE-UVIS200 (Mobile Type) Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) adopts advanced HD line scan camera to scan the vehicle chassis, which can display HD images via intelligent algorithms such as image mosaic, sharpness, etc. The system can effectively prevent security risk of bombs, weapons, dangerous biochemicals and individuals from accessing important places with high protection levels such as governments, military areas, bank reservoirs, stations, checkpoint and wharfs.

General Specification

1. Automatic digital lines can camera,with high-resolution and clarity of the image.
2. The complete image of under-vehicle sean ning,without any omissions and the image should be clear,complete, no distortion,can be clearly observed.
3. Multiple scene image monitoring, recording function.
4. Multi-language user interface design.

Scan mode:—————————Automatic
illumination Module:—————5 single sealed 80W LED area, lights with life span ≥60000h
Vehicle Speed: ———————–advise ≤50km/h, maximum reach up to 80km/h
Field of View:————————-170°
Height of Vehicle Chassis:———-80mm-2000mm
Width of Vehicle Chassis:———-≤4500mm
Installation Area:——————–about 490*390*85mm
Vertical resolution of the image:– 5000*2048 pixels
Maximum Speed of Vehicle:——- 60~80km/h
Auxiliary light:———————- 100W
Effective Field of View(FOV):—– 170°
Maximum Weight capacity:——- 20T
Water-proof grade:—————–Ip68
Operating Temperature:———–  -10°C to 55°C

System host
Monitor:————————– 22inch LCD, resolution 1920×1080
Operating voltage:————— -110-240VAC.50-60HZ
Standard:————————-ISO, CE, ROHS, FCC and ECT
Warranty:————————-l year

Superior Features

  • Professional Own R&D HD Line Scan Camera System
  • Can adapt to be soaked in 1.2m depth underwater for 24 hours
  • 170° Wide Angle Scanning for the Chassis
  • High Resolution Image, easy to Distinguish the Suspicious
  • Fast Imaging, can be Storable and Retrospective
  • Up to 80km/h, Built-in Speed Measurement Function
  • Excellent Protection Performance & Security Level
  • Alignment Stages, Monitor and Control all Together
  • Can be extended for networking and manual comparison of chassis images


1. Airport, prison house, customs and other government departments ,as well as large public parking entrance where to check whether the car have Contraband
2. Large events, checking of entrance of the exhibition for the safety inspection of vehicles.
3. Using for Security inspection, army vehicles at the bottom.

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