AFP Technology Explosive Trace Detector

– Amplifying Fluorescence Polymer
– No Radioactive Source
– Fast 6-8s Start-up
– One-handed Operation
– Replaceable Battery Long-lasting For 16 Hours


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Product Introduction

Safeagle SE-ED1706 Hand-Held Explosive Trace Detector(ETD) is a lightweight high-tech explosives detector that adopts non-radioactive amplifying fluorescence polymer(AFP) quenching technology to realize rapid and easy collection and analysis of samples from suspect items, materials or people. It’s widely used by law enforcement forces for security insurance of important locations and situations as airports, railway stations, commercial centers, post offices and private security personnel. Security checks of large public events as well as counter terrorism, special operation and border defense to effectively prevent explosions and terrorism.

General Specification

Technology: AFP(Amplifying Fluorescence Polymer) quenching
Detection Capability: Almost all nitro compounds, including but not limited to military explosives like TNT, DNT, RDX, PETN, Black Powder, Det cord etc…
Sensitivity: Picogram level
Analysis time: Less than 8s
Start up time: Less than 3min
Sample collection: Swipe
Operation temperature: -10℃ to 60℃
Input: 100~220V AC/50Hz wall adapter
Power: 7.5~8.4V DC, using at least 8 hours
Output: 12V DC
Dimensions: 244*114*50mm
Weight: 1.27Kg (including battery)

Advanced Features

  • Easy Carrying and Operating
    Safeagle SE-ED1706 has the highest sensitivity, which is one of the smallest and lightest ETDs in the world.
  • Radioactive Free
    World’s leading AFP quenching technology, fastest detection speed. No radioactive source and harmless to operators and targets.
  • High Sensitivity
    Safeagle SE-ED1706 can detect explosives to picogram level.
  • Stable Functionality
    There are two detecting modes with different levels of sensitivity to realize perfect balance of low false alarm rate and low escaping detection rate.


Big Events, Airport, Military, Embassies, Museum, Hotel, Government Building,  etc.

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