Dual Vision Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

– Temperature Screening+Auto Dispenser+Touch Screen Control (3 in 1)
– Plug And Use Easy Operation
– 1.1m Sensor Hight For Both Wrist And Forehead Detection
– Adopts STM Program Prevent High-Temperature False Alarm
– Accept Voice Language Customization


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Product Introduction

SE-20109 Infrared human body temperature detector machine combines a professional Touch Screen and a built-in high precision infrared temperature sensor, which can quickly measure temperature in the detection area to ensure accurate and efficient temp. Users only need to place their wrist or forehead near the detection point can quickly and accurately identify their temp. And after auto-distinguishing the temp-value, it will not fluctuate with the distance, and the stability is excellent. It can be targeted at dense crowds in public places to realize non-contact measurement and screening. Personnel who encounter abnormal temp. can be detected immediately and emergency measures.

General Specification

No. Technical Standard Technical Parameter
1 Display 7 Inch Touch Screen Control Display
2 Sensor Height 110cm (customizable)
3 Sensor 1 Sensor
4 Data Display Real-time display of temperature
5 Alarm Temperature ≧37℃(adjustable)
6 Test Position Forehead and Wrist
7 Accuracy ±0.3℃ (within 5 cm)
8 Temperature Unit Celsius Degree/Fahrenheit(Adjustable)
9 Pass Rate 60person/minute
10 Language English(customizable)
11 Volume Adjustable
12 Fully Integrated Design Free installation
13 Product Size 410(L)x1600(H)x290(W)mm
14 Material SPCC(Durable)
15 Certificate CE, Temperature Accuracy Calibration Certificate,  ISO14001 · ISO9001 · OHSAS18001
16 N.W./G.W. 20kg/25kg
17 Packing Size 1670*480*380mm /ctn
18 Working Environment Working-Temp -20~45℃
Humidity ≤90%(RH)
Working Voltage AC100-240, 50~60 Hz
Location Indoor, Semi-outdoor, no sunlight
19 Warranty 12 month
20 Application Train Station, School, Hospital, Office Building, etc.



Safeagle SE20109 Infrared Human Body temperature detector column with disinfection machine

Widely used in various public places and various places where body temperature control is required, like school, community, office building, hotel, hospital, etc…

Integrated the terminal equipment & non-contact disinfection device as a whole set, the overall appearance is elegant, high practicality; easy plug-and-play, which is very convenient and flexible for installation; reserved data interface location, convenient for data import and output.

Product Certification


Product Certification

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