Portable Explosives Trace Detector/strong>

– High Sensitivity Up To 10-9 Gram Low False Alarm Rate
– Upgradeable Sample Database And Application Program
– High Efficiency Of Sample Collection
– Three Detection Modes High, Middle, And Low
– 10 Seconds Screen The Potential Threats


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Product Introduction

Safeagle AY05-02 Explosive Trace Detector(ETD) is a our high-tech product, adopting Photoionization Ion Mobility Spectrometry(PIMS) Technology. The detector has a user friendly interface and color display. It provides a sampling wand eliminating the test paper pollution from the operator. Besides, it is equipped with network port and USB port for sample data input and network connection, can store 2000 log records. The detector can be used in airports, harbors, stations, border checkpoints and other important locations.

General Specification

Type: —————————Portable
Technology: ——————-IMS and pseudo-random-sequence ion gate technology
Detection Capability: ——–Military and plastic explosives, including: TNT, C4, RDX, BP, PETN, AN and others
Improvised and homemade explosives, including: TATP, HMTD, Urea Nitrate, Ammonium Nitrate and others
Propellants and Taggants, including: Black and Smokeless powder, EGDN and others
Additional sample can easily be programmed into AY05-02 by user.
Sensitivity: ——————– 10^(-10)gram
Sample collection: ————Vapor and Trace Particle(Inhalation)
Power input: ——————AC 220V and lithium battery
Battery Backup: ————–Minimum 4 hours
Adapter: ———————–220V input, online and offline chargeable
Analysis Time: —————-4-10 seconds
WarmUp Time: —————less than 15 minutes
Alarm type: ——————–Audio/visual
Calibration: ——————–Manual
Features: ———————–Color Display, Network, and USB port, Minimum 220 log record
Accessories: ——————–Hard Cover Bag,Adapter and other necessary accessories for full function
Operating environment:——   -20℃ to 40℃,〈99% relative humidity
Standard: ———————-CE Compliant; ISO 9001:2008 Manufacturing Standards
Warranty: ——————— l year

Standard Features

  • High sensitivity up to 10-10 gram
  • Less than 10 seconds analysis time
  • Sample collection: trace particle and vapor
  • Upgradeable sample data base and application program
  • Data update and backup using PC suite via network port and USB
  • Color display, easy operation


Airport, customs, ports, subway, railway stations, courts, exhibition hall, stadium, etc.

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