Integrated Hydraulic Rising Bollard

– PLC control
– IP68 Waterproof
– 304 Stainless Steel
– Max Passing Pressure 80-120T
– Bollards Can Be Manually Lowered When Power Outage


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Product Introduction

Grab the Best Hydraulic Rising Bollard System from Safeagle

Rising bollards are highly efficient to maintain security over a big area from illegal entry and places of high alert services. We at SafeAgle provide a powerful hydraulic rising bollard and rising bollard system for effective blocking of roads and safety clearance against any sort of illegal entry on high-security grounds. Our hydraulic rising bollard systems have technical implementations of power with endurance and strength to hold off most traffic and vehicles, even trucks over 80 tons to weight measuring out.

SafeAgle devises and makes one of the best security products including this hydraulic rising bollard with a powerful rising bollard system, driven by a liquid hydraulic system with effective strength. Performance seems to be a true factor and we at SafeAgle maintain it right on the grounds to make sure our customers don’t get disappointed. Your safety is our first priority and we take it on ourselves to protect and offer you plausible security to defend against threats and dangers.

Our hydraulic rising bollard from SafeAgle is handled by an effective internal hydraulic system powering the bollards to rise up during a situation up to 60-90cm just in 3.5 seconds fast. These rising bollard system measures over a diameter of over 20cm, enough to hover down vehicles easily at gate point within the boundary. SafeAgle’s hydraulic rising bollard systems are usually waterproof, dust proof, strong enough to repel and prevent ease of dents with a material thickness of 16mm strong stainless steel and A3 steelworks. We work with technical designing experts to make better bollards that are visible from distances. As a result, this hydraulic rising bollard with a perfect rising bollard system can also be fitted with LEDs for indications.

Technical Parameters:

1.Control system: Electrical Hydraulic system
2.Min passing pressure: 80ton truck
3.Motor Voltage:220V(Control voltage 24V)
4.PLC:Americal Original Chip
5.Rising speed :3.5S
6.Dropping speed:3S
7.Working temperature:-25℃~75℃
8.Storage temperature:-10℃~65℃,
water-proof,damp-proof and dust-proof
9.Material: Stainless steel Tube and A3 steel
10.Diameter: 219, 273mm
11.Rising height: 600mm
12.Max rising height: 800mm
13.LED light can be added


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