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– Dual Detection Modes For Temperature
– Security Of Metal Contraband
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Product Introduction

Safeagle SE20103 BodyTemperature Scanner with Face Recognition, features by non-contact body temperature sensing system with face ID recognition, light-weighted while transportation, and simple operation for all users. It solves the problem of rapid and non-contact screening of abnormal temperature targets, with high screening accuracy, greatly reducing the probability of staff being exposed to infection, and improving the efficiency of detection and clearance in high crowd situations.

No. Standard for Temperature Detection Technical Parameters
1 Display 8 Inch Full View IPS LCD screen
2 Infrared Sensing Height 150cm, can detect 1.45~1.85m people
3 Camera RGB+Infrared Sensor, 200W Resolution Ratio
4 CPU/Memory 4RAM/4GB, support 50000 face.
5 Temperature Detection Precision ±0.3℃
6 Recognition Speed 100ms
7 Passing Rate/False Accept Rate 99%/0.00001%
8 User Management Add/Delete/Query/Import data
9 Application Train Station, School, Hospital, Office Building, etc.

Accurate Detection

Capable of detecting a wide range of threat metal objects, even for a coin, when someone walkthrough, the positions of the weapons on the person will be indicated by means of illuminated LEDs on both sides of panels. It can detect simultaneously more than two metals in different parts of the body. Two detection modes, P0 for standard detection, P1 for flying objects detection.

Superior Reliable Design & Construction

Completely Modular for quick installation. Overhead control unit with LED display, minimalist function keys, and interface signal indicator. The overall system is characterized by sturdy, reliable electronic and mechanical construction.

Audible and Visual Alarms & Acoustic Alarm Signaling System

Audible alarm and visual LED lights signal when a target has been detected. Provide the ability to randomly alarm on a selected range of tones intensity levels. The wide volume control dynamic allows operation even in a very noisy environment


Comply with CE, RoHS, FCC certificate, strictly follow the standard of EN60950, EN50081-1, GB15210-2003, ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environment Management, System, OHSAS18001, Occupational Health Management System.

Safeagle New Antivirus Body Temperature detector is your good choice to Anti the virus, to protect you in advance. on the other hand, this also is a body scanner with the metal checking machine, which widely use for the border custom, hospitals, government agencies, important office buildings, hotels, restaurants, bars, stations, metro, airports, schools, and other public places all with demand. IR Body Temperature Scanner which is our company high-end innovation product for Anti the New virus for the whole world.

We (Safeaagle ) The biggest manufacturers (15 years ). We specialized in
X-ray baggage machine,
walk-through metal detector
hand-held metal detectors and Ect.
with good quality and pretty competitive price.

More information about the Safeagle 2020 BodyTemperature Scanner with Face Recognition, contact us.

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Product Certification

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