Explosive Trace Detector

SafeAgle has been designing security devices for protection against explosive and possible threats related to explosion and bombs. We at SafeAgle take your security concerns seriously and don’t neglect any sort of short comings on the way to our devices functions. We effectively deal with the security issues of our clients to see what makes it less safe for them and take it into account for making better in the next time. Our security devices including handheld explosive detector, go through a lot of in house testing with brutal conditions to make sure they do what they are designed to do in the real field.

Safeagle’s Best Handheld Explosive Detector Now Available

Our security team will clear out all of your issues within a small time with selecting the best devices needed to keep you and your staff safe. SafeAgle’s design and security engineers’ team knows what is best for you. With keen working experience for years, our expert team will specify you will everything you will need. For most cases of handheld security, we recommend the handheld explosive detector. SafeAgle has designed this quick Explosive trace detector following the latest technological trend for fast performance and instant power up. Our Explosive trace detector is applicable to a wide range of area including Airports, government facilities and even hotels.

SafeAgle has worked with the best security and design engineers to carve out the proper product for your empire and protect it from all sides. Our best implementation of the handheld explosive detector has a highly powerful Explosive trace detector which adopts the advanced fluorescent polymer sensing technology, which is based on the change in photometric intensity of fluorescence emitted by fluorescent polymers. Not only can it detect the military/commercial explosive, ammonium nitrate explosive, but the oxides explosive.