Manila under tight security for Britney Spears concerts! Any security x ray screening machine there?

By 2017年7月1日News

Last night(June 15th)in Manila, Pop singer Britney Spears’s concert was taken extraordinary measures by police station to prevent terrorist attacks. Police said as many as a million people attended the big events.

After Manchester pop singer Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande) concert suffered the bomb attacks, killed 22 people, and a frustrated gambler trying to rob a casino in Manila, more recently, killed 38 people, and the southern city of Malawi are during Muslim militants fighting with government forces at its fourth week, the newly public activity trulely arose much people’s attention and worries.

So the concert was strictly guarded,just like toncert organizer Paul Aquino (Paul Aquino) said: “This is a ratio of 42 security officials every concert.”

Before the concert, police and emergency response personnel conducted security training and about 200 police patrol the site within a few hours,many in riot gear.In the parking lot and entrance also deployed armed guards equipped with sniffer dogs and special forces.All the backpacks are prohibited to avoid long lines due to the thorough examination caused.

We can see that x ray baggage scanner are widely used today, which can keep people’s safe in every pulic area,such as hotel,school,concert,bus station, government agencies, embassy, exhibition center,shopping mall, large-scale activities, post officeslogistics industry, industrial test and so on.

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