People wants security upped at office

By 2016年7月29日News

BENGALURU: Upa Lokayukta Justice Subhash B Adi has asked the Lokayukta Registrar to submit a detailed report on the measures to be taken to tighten security at the Lokayukta headquarters in the city. This comes after Express published a report on the lack of security at the office recently.

Lokayukta sources told Express that Justice Adi asked the Registrar to write to the intelligence wing of the government to inspect the Lokayukta office and suggest security measures.

Lokayukta officials will ask the intelligence wing to suggest locations where CCTVs, xray baggage scanners, walk through metal detectors and handheld metal detectors need to be fitted in the building, required other security equipment, etc. After receiving a report from them, it will be implemented, sources said.

On Monday, senior IAS officer Kapil Mohan allegedly threw powdered glass at the entrance of the offices of IGP and SP of Bengaluru Urban Division on the fourth floor of the Lokayukta headquarters.

Although the Lokayukta police got the CCTV footage to show Kapil Mohan’s entry and exit, they did not get footage in support of their claims as there was no CCTV cameras on the fourth floor.

Presently, there are only four CCTV cameras, no x ray baggage scanner, walk through metal detectors or handheld metal detectors, security equipments etc.– three at the entrance of the first floor and the fourth one at the entrance of the second floor.

One of the cameras is also not functioning.

To make matters worse, the door-frame metal detector at the main entrance is also not working. There is no hand-held metal detector or frisking at the entrance, which used to be done earlier.

It may be noted that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the extortion racket in the Lokayukta did not get CCTV footage to establish the entry of the accused into the office because the footage had not been maintained.

Thus, the security equipments will be installed in office building everywhere. Including under vehicle scanners or under vehicle search mirror to check the under car that enter the parking lot. To some extent, these security equipements can protect many dangerous things happening.

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