Classic cases

2015 New Year Party of Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Association

Shenzhen Dapeng beach concert

Vivo sponsor Shenzhen Stadium Show

Export X-ray baggage scanner to South Africa

Bloodsport of Shenzhen Station

The Voice of China – Shenzhen station special performance

Shenzhen fashion music Festival

The color run of Shenzhen Station

Public Spring Festival Gala Evening

Women’s Marathon Shenzhen Station

Shenzhen hundred kilometers

AC Milan-International Peak

Shenzhen Dapeng Beach concert

ZTO in Luntai country

Shanghai Logistics school laboratory

Shenzhen Longgang Buji bus station

Hefei Science and Technology Museum

TianJin Exhibition

Wuzhou mail-office security equipment handover spot

Hubei Xiaogan mail-office acceptance checking spot

Chengdu Court